Your new baby will never be this little again. A newborn session captures the sleepy, cuddly phase of newborn life and is a wonderful way to document this life changing event for your family. I recommend contacting your photographer a few months before your due date. Your due date will be penciled in on the calendar and your session date will be finalized once baby has made their debut.

3-4 Months

In just a few short months, baby has completely changed. They are more awake, able to make eye contact, and will even smile at you. Baby's neck muscles have gotten stronger and as a result, this is a wonderful time to get a few pictures of baby's newest accomplishment, head control. If you're heading back to work soon, this is a wonderful time to get updated pictures of you and baby for your desk.

6-7 Months

Also known as "the Sitter Session," the half year session captures baby's first portraits sitting independently. I usually recommend scheduling this session closer to the 7 month mark to give baby's back and upper body muscles a little more time to develop. Pictures from this session are often full of smiles as babies this age love to laugh. They may even have a few teeth to show off.

1 year

You made it! Baby's first birthday is a wonderful time to celebrate with a photo session. Baby is standing either with support or independently. They are an expert crawler & may even be proudly taking their first steps. Some parents opt to add a cake at this session & some like a simple balloon. I love to grab a few pictures of just baby and mom at this session. This is a big milestone for both you and your baby!

Newborn baby dressed in a white sleeper yawns.
Three month old baby in a white romper is held in mom's arms. Mom looks at baby and baby looks at camera.
Seven month old baby with blonde hair and blue eyes smiles at the camera. Baby is wearing a navy romper with thin straps
One year old baby in a collared one piece with boats stands ready to take a few steps.