Back Them Up!

You've had your session, you've ordered your fine art prints and have covered the walls of your house with as many as possible. Now, what to do with the rest of them? A few things- #1 Back up your digitals! This is so important because computers fail, and they fail often. I recommend storing your digital files in two places so when one system has an issue, you're not sweating because you've covered your bootie. You can back up your images to another computer, a cloud service, a USB, or an external hard drive. Just remember that when technology changes, you may need to convert your digital backup (for example a CD) to something different (such as a USB).

Make Proof Prints

You can also make physical prints as a back up. You can order a set of 4x6 prints from your photographer. If they don't offer this (I do!) ask them for a consumer printing lab recommendation and order yourself one 4x6 of every image in your gallery. These look beautiful stored in a glass or linen box on a bookshelf.

Make an Album

Alternatively, you can have your images printed in an album. You can order gorgeous, heirloom quality albums from your gallery store or you can make one yourself. For years, I've put pictures from my cell phone, my "good" camera, film scans and pictures I've purchased from our family photographer all together into a family year book so we can enjoy them for years to come. My kids absolutely love looking back through these albums.

Digital images are wonderful for sharing with friends and family spread out across the country and even the world. They are easy to store, but unfortunately they are also easily lost. Taking care to have one form of back up ensures that you never lose your precious memories.