Find Outfits Early

Waiting until the week of your session to find outfits will probably lead to a lot of stress. Start looking for outfits as soon as you schedule your session. (Don't forget undergarments). If you'd like help, or someone to do all the leg work for you, I have a virtual stylist I can recommend.

Flattering Fit

When looking for outfits, go for fitted vs loose, baggy clothing. You may think that you'll feel more comfortable in front of the camera in a baggy top but because it pulls away from the body, your body will seem larger. Fitted but not tight works best.

Avoid Stiff Fabrics

Although we will take some posed pictures at your session, you will be moving quite a bit. You will be sitting, standing, bending, kneeling, holding & picking up your children. Fabric that allows for movement will make your session easier and allow for more posing options.

Pants That Stay Up

We tend to size up for our children to allow for growth spurts and to get more use out of an outfit but for picture day, your child's clothes need to fit well. Try their outfit on ahead of time and check that their pants stay up when they walk & bend and that any shoulder straps stay put.