Prepare your kids

Babies may be along for the ride, but you can prepare toddlers and older children for the session by letting them know that you're going to have a friend take pictures of them and your family together. You can tell them where they will be going (the studio or park) and how long it will take. Planning a fun treat afterwards? Let them know you can't wait for ice cream too.

Lower the bar

Just like some adults, kids can feel a lot of pressure when expected to pose and smile on cue. Some kids get shy and some more active. It is best if we don't try to force smiles but instead, give them some time to warm up. It's okay if your child needs a little break during the session. I like my galleries to be a mix of posed images and candid pictures of kids just being kids.

Come rested & fed

Hungry, tired kids do not smile (and neither do hungry, tired parents). If session timing doesn't work for a meal, offer a filling non-messy snack before heading out to your session. Be sure to give those little faces and noses a final wipe before hopping in the car. A water bottle for your child is also a great idea, especially if your session day is a warm one.

Enjoy your family

As long as mom & dad are relaxed & smiling, we will get great pictures. Don't sweat the small stuff. Enjoy your time with your family & please don't worry if not everyone is looking at the camera. Do you have a game you like to play as a family? Does your toddler have a favorite song? Does baby love dogs? Let's focus on the fun & forget the grass stain on your child's brand new pants.