Come rested. Come relaxed.

To get the most out of your session, make sure that your little one has rested and has had something to eat (either a meal or a filling snack) and drink prior to session time. If you choose to bring a snack to your session, please consider a dry, non messy snack so their little faces stay clean. It is also a good idea to give their faces and noses a final check and wipe before you leave for the session. This way, we won't start our time together with an upset baby or toddler.

Consider getting children dressed at the studio.

If spills, spit ups or wrinkled fabric are a concern for your child, feel free to wait until you arrive at the studio to change them into their outfit. Don't stress if a spit up happens in the middle of a session. All of the outfits, fabrics and blankets used in the studio are washable and are laundered after each and every session.

Keep it simple and low pressure.

For older children, keep things simple and low pressure. Prepare them for the session by simply letting them know that a friend will be taking some pictures of them. They can call me Danielle, Miss Danielle, Mrs. Daley or whatever is customary for your family.

Give them time to warm up.

Don't worry if your child doesn't smile on command or is a little active. Every child reacts a little differently to getting their picture taken. It is best if we give them some time to relax and try to capture them as their natural self. We will get some posed images and some more active shots to mix things up for the children. Most importantly, as long as mom and dad are relaxed and smiling, we will get great pictures, promise.

Close up portrait of baby with blonde hair smiling. Baby is wearing a cream knit sweater.
One year old baby with curly blonde hair wears a cream knit sweater and brown knit pants and looks down at a book.
Blonde haired baby wearing a cream knit sweater and brown pants smiles and crawls toward the camera.
Baby with curly blonde hair wears light green pants and sits clapping his hands looking at a vanilla frosted cake.