Focus on the Master Bedroom and Nursery

I generally use the master bedroom and baby's nursery for newborn sessions. Please do NOT feel the need to clean your entire house before your session. You just had a baby so please rest. Two things you will want to do in your master are 1. Make your bed and 2. Clear off your nightstands. In the nursery, a clean sheet on the crib and a clear changing table is great.

Make things

"picture clean"

Move laundry, toys, and baby accessories to a corner of the room that won't be photographed and call it good. The room will look clean and put together for your pictures and no will know that you have a stack diaper boxes and a wipes tower in the corner opposite the glider. It will be our secret.

Have special items out where you will see them.

If baby has a special blanket or you have an heirloom item or other special item that you would like incorporated into your images, please have them out and ready at the session. I love including special items for baby but you won't want the stress of hunting for them during your session. If you have them out and ready, we won't forget to use them.