Digitals are not a finished product.

Digital images are a wonderful preview of your photo gallery. They are great for sharing with family and friends that may be spread out all over the country, or even the world. They are also a wonderful way to store back up copies of your pictures. But, digital images are not a finished product. They are simply one step in the process of creating your family heirlooms.

You deserve to enjoy your investment daily.

When you invest in a photography session for your baby or your family, you deserve to enjoy that investment daily. Prints, albums and frames ensure that this happens. I want your beautiful images on your wall, on your mantle, and on your desk so you can enjoy these moments longer than a brief scroll through social media.

Technology quickly becomes obsolete.

We went from a floppy disk, to a CD, to a USB in less than 20 years. When my youngest son (age 5) had his newborn pictures taken, his session included a CD with all of his session images. Wonderful idea, but...guess what? My new computer doesn't have a CD drive. That USB or cloud storage that you have, chances are it will be obsolete before your baby graduates high school.